Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Better yet, what’s not? Recent purchases, recent cleaning, recent just bring it in and dump it on the desk.  Under those piles, empty boxes, new Tim Holtz products, magazine holders, an Anna Griffin Christmas card kit and just a mess.  If you want to know why, read on.
Things they are a changing and it isn’t just because fall is on its way either.  So if you’ve been reading lately you know that I got a new puppy named Cooper.  Well I brought little man upstairs for the first time recently and he did pretty good hanging out.  Zoe however didn’t make it upstairs, she didn’t even try.  She would pace back and forth and look up and when she started to whine I knew that I had to make a change.  She’s 12 and I guess the idea of going up those steps and back down is just too daunting for her, she really doesn’t even like to go up the 3 steps on the porch anymore. 
So after much research and discussion I’ll be moving a large chunk of my stamping and scrapping stuff into our sunroom.  I placed an order for a CraftBox and now have to sort through my stuff a little at a time to gather what I will need on a regular basis vs. the stuff I don’t use that often.  That sounds easy enough doesn’t it, firs thing I have to do though is sort through all that stuff on the desk!
Now go off and visit other more interesting and delightful blogs! Thanks to Julia for creating this wonderful community over at The Stamping Ground!


  1. wow sounds like a big job but least you will please Zoe by being near. Take care Zo xx 65

  2. Oh my life, it's a big job girly, , but actually, working in the sun room over the fall and winter will be lovely...light and catching any natural warmth huh. And of course, Zoe will be much happier! and that will in turn! make things work for you too. Good luck with the sorting though...argh!!

  3. Lets hope it doesn't take to long to move things into the sun room . Happy woyww Jill #44

  4. Never fun sorting and reorganizing. Happy WOYWW.

    NancyH #88

  5. Moving part of your craftroom sounds like a lot of work. I hope you post pics of the cards you make with the Anna Griffin Christmas card set. I just love her products. Happy crafting #4

  6. Love your story about your old dog and the puppy. Hope the move goes well.
    Beast Wishes,
    Karen no.55 x

  7. Good luck with the sorting!
    Karen #60

  8. Good luck sorting your stuff out. Jules 96

  9. You wouldn't have settled to anything knowing that the dog was pining for you! Good luck with the change of room and sorting out! Hugs. Pam#41


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