Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Ok I haven’t done 228 of these, not even close, but that’s the number The Stamping Ground is at and in my attempt to be cohesive, it’s the number I’m using. Oh, and yes it’s a day early! So it’s more like WOYWT…
Now that we’ve cleared that up, what’s on my work desk you ask, quite a mess!
This is my new work desk, crafty cabinet (aka CraftBox) and I’m still in the process of putting everything in it’s place.  It’s not so easy to take an entire room’s worth of supplies and condense them into a space about a quarter of the size you had! 
Want the details, read on.  Bored to tears, thanks for the visit!  See you next week when I have something inky going on! Smile
Christmas is on the bottom. Stamps, Anna Griffin card kit, December Daily stuff (I still have to bring down my Christmas paper but it will go down there too)  The middle has some extra cardstock and my metal dies which are now stored in a binder. Oh the white binder isn’t there I moved it 2 seconds after taking the pictures, it goes with my Copic stuff.
Moving up middle shelf.
Big shot and all my embossing folders stored in my Really Useful Boxes. 
Moving up the cubbies.
Cardstock and stamping papers in the middle.  Unmounted stamps are off to the right sorted by themes, two empties on this side. Copic markers to the left, ink pads above that miscellaneous supplies and one empty are above that.  It’s hard to know what to put where, I like the stuff that I use often where I can see it, but I’m not sure that will work with this.  I'm sure I’ll be moving stuff after I start getting creative again.
Now the sides.
I’ve already changed this oh, 12 or 15 times.  Right now, the right side is all embellishments and the stamps I use for the backs of my cards.  The left side is tools.  The pouches are held in place with Velcro and because I have some weight in some of them I added extra Velcro dots to the back.
IMG_5659  Coopers adjusting.
IMG_5663 Zoe is very happy!

If you read it all, thanks!  I’ll see you next week with something crafty!


  1. That looks like a brilliant way to store lots of craft supplies and hide them away :o)

    Fiona #8

  2. Wow! Looks like you can close that desk right up whenever you want to. Nice!

  3. What a brilliant piece of storage. Love how you have it so organised. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #29 xx

  4. The dogs looked wacked out!! Love the crafty box cupboard, I tried hard to win one once/ twice a million times! never did though...Thank you for my snoop!! Happy Early WOYWW!!
    ((Lyn)) #27

  5. I really like that craftbox. Have fun organizing your supplies. I really wish I had ordered that Anna Griffin Christmas card kit. I can already see that I will be waiting till the last minute to do my Christmas cards. Happy crafting #49

  6. (We were in DC the week BEFORE the shutdowns!!!! Countin' our blessings . . .)


    1. Lucky for you! We go there once in a while as we live in MD but with everything closed, it would be like every other big city!

  7. That is a cool cabinet! Great work on the organisation of it too.. Hope you get some crafty fun time soon. Helen 13

  8. I could not imagine having to squish my craft room into a cupboard like that...even as fabulous as it is, it would need to be of Harry Potter status that could magically hold more than it has volume for! #70

  9. Hi Angie
    how lucky are you to get that wonderful storage unit for all your craft stuff. I often seen the set in craft magazines and dream about how it would be to have it in my craft room. I am sure you are really going to enjoy working from it once you can remember where you put everything.
    I have to say your two dogs look very relaxed and happy to watch their mum crafting
    Happy WOYWW have an enjoyable week hugs Ria #22

  10. Oooh I love your new storage! Must be really exciting sorting it all out. And your dogs are gorgeous :)
    Karen no.82 x

  11. Looks fab, super storage, I'd be the same moving it around trying out what's best! Love that your dog is called Zoe, super name ;) Take care Zo xx 86

  12. I've always been curious as to how these craftboxes work in real life - they always look great in the adverts.
    Love the pic of Zoe - very chilled :)

  13. I want to come and play in your room! Pretty please, may I ?? Lol. I love loads of drawers like that..they're so inviting. I want to come and have a nosey around the whole shebang. See? That's my downfall...terrible curiosity....grin!!
    You are going to have such a good time at that lovely desk :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 3 xx

    1. Come on over Jan! I'm always happy to have a crafty playmate! Heck you can even stay the weekend!

  14. What a fabulous craft cubby ... not sure I'd get all my stuff in there though :-( Maybe if I was more organised !!!
    Love the B+W dog and just look at that one with the tongue hanging out LoL :-D

    Happy WOYWW228

    IKE in Greece #94

  15. This cabinet is so super! I really envy you
    Gabriele #77

  16. Looks great Angie, I am not willing to lose my craft room yet...but if I need to in the future,this just might work. I'll be emailing you more q's later...TFS

  17. That is such a neat arrangement. I'm sure you'll get it organised to suit you really soon. Hugs. Pam#68

  18. Your crafty closet is incredibly wonderful--I think any crafter would be envious of this! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #9

  19. Aren't you the lucky Craft Box owner!! I've always been in awe of those in the back of magazines, but never imagined anyone could even afford one. Yours is awesome, and I know Zoe will now be a happy gal. It's good that you have a back-up area to store other things yo u don't often use. I can't imagine having to confine my art to such a small space. Happy WOYWW from #7.

  20. Looks totally amazing!
    Thanks for the peek at your workspace,
    Great stuff
    I loved having a snoop!
    Chrissie #84

  21. wow, love your crafty cupboard, you are so organised! thank for sharing, Donna #71

  22. hi
    ive always wandered how crafters got on with these work stations, you look to having fun set it up... so practical. Although I would have thought tools would have been better on the right .... unless you are left handed of course... have fun finishinh off
    janet #17

    1. Nope right handed but, I'll be using a table behind me more often than the workdesk surface and the chair is closer to the the left side! See there is a method to my madness lol!


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