Friday, November 8, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 Day 1

Ok, so I’ve finally gotten around to completing day 1 of the 102 class. I don’t know it was a lot of paint flying all over the place and I had to scramble to find stuff to alter.  The Distress paints are pretty cool though, they flow well and if you are really into altering stuff you will love these paints.  They are good on everything, paper, plastic, fabric you name it, they will work on it.  
So on the top row we’ve got Marbling (and remember these were all done with Distress paints) on that I didn’t put enough paint down to get it to really run like it should, but I like the colors anyway!  Next up is called Industrial and that is a metal foil tape, cool to work with but I was supposed to use Black Soot with I didn’t have so mine looks more patina then old metal lol!. Next to that is a sad little piece of grunge board that didn’t die cut well to say the least, called Colored Crackle.  It’s similar to one we did in 101 but the paint makes it kind of matte and frankly blah! to me.  Under that sad little shape is Eroded Metal, which is kind of cool and would make a neat background for a manly man card! Ah yet another odd duck that is a plastic flower and that technique is Altered surfaces.  I didn’t have anything large and plastic to alter, that was the best I could pull off!  Finally, Stamping Resist which is putting paint on your stamps and stamping and then doing stuff over it.  I like resist techniques in general so this one was nice to learn.
Ok up next day two!

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  1. What about using packaging for the plastic...any old clam shells laying around? I agree, I like my altered stuff to serve a purpose....usually though I need to make a sample or 2 before I run with it. Sounds like you are having fun though,so I consider that a success.


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