Friday, November 8, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 Day 2


Stencils, stencils who has the stencils?  Day 2 and it was stencil city crafters and while they are neat, I don’t know how much I’d actually use them for card making, well at least not some of the odder patterns that Tim seems to love. 

Starting at the top left we have Mixed Media with stencils and it was basically use your stencils and every distress product that’s out there. The next one was embossing with stencils which I liked learning how to emboss using my Big Shot and a plastic stencil! Next to that was another embossing technique which was actually using Distress inks and clear embossing powder, that was a decent use of the stencils too! On the bottom left you’ve got stamping through a stencils (meh..) Paint monoprint with a stencil, Sketching through a stencil and finally Ink Monoprint, which was a nice technique.

Good Grief!  I love online classes and I know they are go your own pace.  Thank goodness I wasn’t trying to do these while the class was happening! 7 tags per class is too much!  I’d rather have 3 tags per day and more classes, by the end of this ‘day’ I was totally done, I could not wait to get up and walk, no run away from my table!  It was just too much lol!

I also had an ah-ha moment while doing this, when I make stuff there is a theme or a thought behind it.  A lot of this stuff (his stamps, his stencils) are just so random that I don’t relate and it’s hard to use the types of supplies and stamps that I have to replicate the look.  I was always one of ‘those’ people that when I went into an art museum I liked the pictures, paintings, sculptures that made me feel something, that took a scene and turned it into art.  I never understood the abstract stuff (still don’t) and a lot of this stuff is abstract and so I just can’t relate.

I don’t know, I’ll keep plugging away but it’s time for a break from all that is Distress.  I’ve got Thanksgiving cards to create, December Daily pages to get assembled and Christmas cards to make. Plus, lol the Holiday Card Workshop starts next week, here’s to hoping the cards related to Christmas lol!

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  1. I understand how overwhelming that many tags can be! whew! But I kind of like the embossed stencil look!


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