Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Card Workshop..

This post should be about day two or even day three, but it’s about neither.  I made two more cards following the day one ideas.
Thing is, I’m feeling a wee bit stymied by the next two days.  I’ve said before I don’t jump on the trend wagon and so I’m finding it incredibly difficult to partake in the classes.  New ways to use die cuts sounded great, but I don’t have the types of die cuts they are using, nothing close.  Today was all about clean and simple cards but apparently my idea of clean and simple is not the same as theirs. I found myself thinking of my friend Kat who is a newbie stamper, those cards aren’t even close to simple in her world.  If I know her and she watched those videos she was probably laughing going, yeah right.
Now the student gallery is great, you can see where some creative souls branched way out and made lovely cards using what they had and that is very inspiring, but some little part of me is feeling, a little, like I’m watching commercials for new and better products.  I wanted inspiration and new ideas for using the multitude of goodies that I have.  So far, I spent more time trying to figure out how to use what I’ve got to apply it to what they are making, than actually making anything! 
I decided to focus on getting some Christmas cards made using what I have and forego the classes.  If they create something that inspires me or that I can replicate without buying anything great, I can’t keep waiting for that to happen though I’ve got cards to make!
So I finished up these two and now I’m off to make some others not related to the class.  Wish me luck!


  1. I like the Christmas card, Angie! I know what you mean about the classes being overwhelming. I am leaning toward favoring clen and simple, too, more and more. I am missing my mojo, maybe you saw it? I have made no Christmas cards yet,

    1. My mojo was gone for a long time too! I don't know what made me want to get back to it again either. I know that just one day I was like, wow, I really want to make some cards. Pinterest is really good for inspiring me to try new stuff too! Hope you find it soon :)


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