Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Don’t blink or you just might miss it!  Wow is time ever flying by this month, that’s always the way though isn’t it, the closer it gets to Christmas, Yule, whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year the faster time seems to go.  Yet it seems like it takes a LONG time for us to get here each year lol!


As you can see my December Daily is all that’s on my desk these days. I got behind but have caught back up.  I love keeping track of what is going on, what cookies we make all the mundane stuff.  It was really cool to be able to look over last years to ‘remember’ where we put the tree and what decorations went up.  I keep thinking about doing a Project Life for those reason but wow, that seems big.

So now that you’ve visited with me, take a stroll over to see Julia at the Stamping Ground and find out what mischief she’s been up to!


  1. Loving the pretty papers you have on show, I fancy doing this next year to record all the different things we do each year. Thanks for sharing, Marry Christmas and a Happy new Year Tracy #41

  2. lovely space like the clean papers

  3. December Daily sounds interesting and it's great when one gets caught up as being behind does cause some stress. Hope you have a great Christmas and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N # 57

  4. I'm thinking about doing a project life too, but I think I'll just do it monthly.... or whatever feels right. That way I don't feel stressed to "keep up."


  5. You can do Project Life, Angie! Just break it down into bits like your daily. I don't do those things and always love to see how others record their histories. Happy WOYWW and Happy Holidays!! Hugs, Darnell #10

  6. Yup, am with you - haven't managed a whole month of December in terms of journalling etc, so am completely intimidated by PL!


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