Thursday, January 9, 2014

Anniversary Card Reveal

As promised here is the anniversary card! 
My Mom and Dad are an amazing couple. They went through so much to be together, more than most people ever have to deal with.  Their love and commitment to each other and to our family is boundless.  When people talk about unconditional love, I think of my parents because no matter what mistakes were made by any of us, they were always there. 
Marriages that last are something special and when you think about it, as big as the world is, with as many people as there are.  Two people finding each other, falling in love and staying there really is something to celebrate! 
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents!  I love you both so much!!!


  1. Thank you so much honey! I love you so much and appreciate your kind words about us more than you know. It truly makes me feel special and that's nice. We had a really great time today and a wonderful meal at the Royal Taj. Your Dad says he will be happy to take me there ANY time I say I want to go. He really enjoys it as much as I do.

  2. Lovely card, lovely testament to your parents.


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