Friday, January 3, 2014

December Daily 2013!

I bet that you thought I didn’t do my December Daily this year…  While my posting about it was incredibly lacking, ok nonexistent, I did however complete it, which is a fact that I’m very, very, VERY proud of. (Yay me!)  I will admit that it makes me really admire the people that take part in Project Life, the idea of that both intrigues and terrifies me at the same time.  It takes time to sit down and design pages, journal and for me the remembering to take pictures can be killer!

This years DD is less bling and more substance.  I did more journaling, more picture spreads and less embellishing. It wasn’t intentional I had planned to add the bling as I went along, but I really started to like the simplicity of the pages and just stuck with it!  I took A LOT of pictures this year and am still contemplating adding more to the pages to make double layouts on some days.  I made sure to download my pictures every single day and label them with the date so that I could easily find them.

So grab a cup of something good and take a peek at a few of my pages!



Learning to use PSE to add some pop to my pictures.



My least favorite page protector and one I probably won’t ever use again.


I am really loving the collage templates for 4 x 6 prints.




A new template that prints on a 5 x 7.  I will learn how to make my own this year for 6 x 8!!


Have a happy, happy, crafty day!


  1. I keep saying I am going to do a DD. Well, maybe next year. LOL, Nice job on yours!

  2. I am always impressed by your work. I assume PSE is a photo shop program, right? What did you not like about the page protectors?

    1. Thank you! Yes Photo Shop Elements is a software program. I think I started using it when they were at PSE 5 and just purchased PSE 11, but I've not mastered it by any means! That is why I'm taking an online class to learn how to really use it! As for that particular style page protector, it has a 3 by 8" strip that runs down one side side and two openings on the other that are 3 by 4". That makes for some odd sized pictures and I had the worst time, this year and last using that space.


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