Monday, February 24, 2014

One of ‘those’ cards…

As a creative person I expect that once in a while I’m going to run into, lets call it a bump.  You know when a color doesn’t work right, or the finished product doesn’t match your vision?
This is one of those cards..  Time 12!
Late in the afternoon Randy asked me to make a house warming card, for a house warming we were going to that evening (nice of him to give me ample notice lol!) and of course I found that I have no house warming stamps.  I did however have some doors and window dies that I got right before Christmas and I thought houses have doors and windows. 
The idea was to put the door on the front, but of course when I made the door I realized I wanted to actually cut the opening behind the door out.  Which meant cutting a rectangle slightly smaller than the door opening., that left a weird edge that I then spent over 40 minutes trying to make ‘trim’ for.  (I now know why Randy grumbles whenever he has to make trim for anything in the house!)  I finally got that done and put a little piece of acetate over the window and I printed up a sentiment, nice card but something was missing.  I thought, you know I’d like to add some shading to those panels on that door.  So I grabbed a Copic C1 to add a little shading and just as I put my hand down, I caught my sweatshirt on the table edge and sent a cool grey line all the way across the door.  The words that spewed from my mouth were not sweet nothings!  I started over, making a new door, which meant a little tweaking of the trim.  I completed the new door just as Randy got home.  He looked at the card and looked at me, sheepishly.  “Er.. I think there is a spelling error on the words, babe”.  Sure enough I had spelled bring, ‘bing’, so I had to recreate the sentiment.  Of course I hadn’t done something simple, noooo, I had printed the word ‘Congratulations!’ off to the side vertically and the sentiment was lined up directly behind the door.  It took 15 minutes of fiddling the first time to get it sized and spaced just so.  I should have saved the file but I don’t typically reuse sentiments like that, so I didn’t.  Randy offered to help since the printer was upstairs and I was down with my laptop.  I printed it and he said it looked too big, I printed it again, too small, I printed it again, off to the left, not this one it’s off to the right.  It took about 10 minutes before he liked the size, spacing and font (this is why he doesn’t design my cards!).  Finally the sentiment was put in place and I wasn’t touching that card again!
“Those” cards and creations happen to all of us, for me it’s not usually several things at once, so maybe I was due!

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