Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So close…

So happy!  So happy! So HAPPY!!!!
I’ve been cleaning this room out for what seems like months.  It’s finally coming together and I feel my creative mojo thawing out!
Look at all that natural light pouring onto the desk top even on a cloudy day!  Oh, the joy, the happiness the oh look no shelves full of stuff hanging over my head!  It might sound totally crazy, but for me it really, really makes a difference it feels lighter and brighter. 
That piece of track from the old shelves has to come down and then, the Craftbox is going to go on that wall.  I’ll have my workdesk(s) right next to each other, I’ll be able to roll my chair between the two and they will ONLY be stocked with my stamping stuff that I LOVE!  I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that all the ‘stuff’ that I didn’t use was freezing me out of my creativity.  For the longest time I haven’t wanted to just sit down and create but now I do, now I can’t wait to get in there and use the papers and stamps that I know I love!  If all goes well by the end of this week I’ll have my cabinet up here in place and creative life can begin anew!
Even the wall on the other side of the room got a makeover and I’m so looking forward to sitting down and reading on that very comfy futon!
Happy Crafting STAMPING!


  1. What a change!!! I've been contemplating this and have been pulling some stuff out to take to the thrift shop. A little here, a little there! Love that you have the sofa for relaxation... I think I'd end up sleeping. Looks great!

  2. wow, what a "breakthrough"! I am still toying with the idea of scrapbooking, and have not been able to part with lots of stamps, but did manage to get rid of lots of other craft things when we downsized and moved to FL. I am not buying new stamps until I start using what I have, but I do not have your willpower yet.


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