Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Creativity can come in many forms.  Some folks are quilters, some knit, some make cards, some paint, some work with canvas or clay, some metal or glass, some even work with food.  Being creative isn’t restricted to one of anything, it can be all kinds of things.  So today I’m sharing a different creative workdesk with you!  If you want to see other wonderful workdesk that cover all manner of creativity head over to The Stamping Ground and take a look!


As some of you know this table was at one time another workdesk for my card making adventures.  Those adventures have been moved back to their proper home, but the all seasons room is still my favorite in the house.  So I tend to spread out whatever it is that I’m working on that isn’t card making, in here. 

It looks rather dark out but it’s not, it’s raining and the camera flash made it look even darker.  No worries though, I got to take the fruits of my labor out before it rained!  You see my laptop there to the right of it a pile of plant tags.  Behind that an open magazine, my garden planner and some books are under that and a green box that houses my P-touch label maker (it’s going to all make sense shortly).  To the left of that, my zoom lens for my camera and my Fine Gardening magazines that I’ve been going over again looking for inspiration, ideas and plants, always plants.

I collected ALL the plastic plant tags I could find in the yard, in my garden cart and in my tool box and brought them in to make proper labels for my plants.  I had a while ago, purchased very nice metal tags and industrial label tape for my p-touch.  So I sat and made a ton of them and then went around and marked my plants.  I then went through my garden planner and got the names and locations of other plants that I knew I had planted but that had lost their tags and named those.  The magazines were to help as is the lap top, identify any plants that I missed, which there are still several that I’ve got to figure out what they are.  One may ask why I want labels and how this has anything to do with being creative, follow me along my twisted path here won’t you.

We are installing a deer fence so that I can have plants that look like plants in my garden, instead of the constant Mortica’s Garden I’ve had over the years.  I need to know what is what, where it is especially in case it’s a Spring bulb or ephemerals, which I have many of.  I also need to know it’s preferred growing conditions so that I can draw up my very creative plan to move those plants to the new safe zone in the garden.  Which is also why I have the magazines, the planner, the books and the lap top.  The camera well, I almost always have it with me, I was using the zoom lens to take pictures of bees and such on a lovely shrub outside my window.


I’m quite fond of picture taking, plus it helps me to record the various stages and current placement of plants and flowers!

So now off you go.  Have a wonderful day and do something creative!!!


  1. Wow you do have an organised garden, I do not have a clue what is planted where! Karen #22

  2. FABULOUS photo!

    And that's one of the things I enjoy most about woyww--you never know what you'll see on the next blog!

    Happy woyww to you!
    #76 at the moment
    with a Mother's Day pop-up card

  3. Love the photo of the bee. How are they doing? My garden is in 3' square wood boxes up on an old horse watering tank to protect what I have from the jack rabbits. Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #66

    1. Thanks! The bees are slowly getting started. Cooler temps have kept them in more than out but they are building up in size. I did a full inspection this weekend and saw all stages of bees from eggs to newly hatched! Some warm weather will get them going for reals! Other packages were delayed because of bad weather, hope to have them in the next few weeks!

  4. I don't have a garden, so the glimpse of yours is delightful.

    Happy WOYWW,
    KatzElbows #92

  5. Such impressive organisation! And your garden sounds lovely. Have a good week, Chris # 47

  6. Sorry I am so late visiting not sure where the week had gone so having a quick fly round the desks before we start again, thanks for sharing beautiful photo of the bee - Nicky 11


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