Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WOYWW #262

I’m back albeit briefly to say high and see what’s going on in the crafty deskers world. If you know not of what I speak, head over to The Stamping Ground and read all about it! I had to take a break from my outside gardening adventures to make some cards for Father’s Day and a birthday or two.
Here you can see the various cards in various stages.  Done is the birthday card, almost done the Dad’s card in the low right hand corner and the other is still being worked on.  Papers, adhesives and just peeking in the left middle there stamps are making an appearance.  My ever with me portable hard drive as I was transferring a ton of pictures from it to our backup.
Now for those so inclined (because several showed interest in the bee’s by post)  Here’s a picture of one of my hives in action. AND if you look closely you can even see the Queen herself, lovely of her to make an appearance!
Have a wonderful WOYWW!


  1. FAb desk pics though I have to advert my eyes bees/wasps scare the hell out of me! Take care Zo xx

  2. Hi a very colourful desk ... Especially the pen storage. Not sure which one is the queen do I will take your word for that. Carrying on with WOYWW ready for Julia's return

  3. wow how amazing is that... and yes saw the queen bee straight away prob cos we do seem the beehives more over here.. there are lots out in the bush, what fun for them!!

    ..and really love bush honey so rich and beautiful flavour. thanks for sharing your cards and really impressed at your backing up... how i need to do that!! Shaz in oz.x


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