Thursday, July 10, 2014

Christmas Squared..

Are you feeling the desire to make Christmas cards yet?  I’m rolling on today with two that look so easy but actually gave me a fit!  I found the design on Pinterest as I was looking for something to do with small scraps.  The instructions were limited basically cut 1” x 1” squares was all I got.  Well the key part that I needed was start in the middle and work your way out.  So if you decide to attempt, it’s easier if you find the center of your card and work out.  Also another tip, don’t attach the layer you are putting the squares on to the card.  The reason?  It will allow you to leave the squares whole and flip the layer over and trim them off instead of trying to cut and place them!



The fronts of both are actually white, just bad lighting in my picture.  I ran out of scraps for the second one so changed the design.  I like them, they are sort of country Christmas I think!

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