Saturday, August 9, 2014

What’s so great about Washi tape??

“I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty
I've got whozits and whatzits galore
You want thingamabobs?
I got twenty
But who cares?
No big deal
I want more…”

Isn’t that a theme song for the crafty minded!  I mean really what is SO great about Washi tape anyway?  I’ve had 1 roll and I’m less than impressed.  That isn’t the only had to have that I sat looking at thinking, “What the hell was I thinking??”  A Bind It All?  Seriously, I don’t make books but I just had to have it because.. I don’t even know why!  Ink pads out the wazoo, yep colors and brands that I never so much as touched. Oh the agony, the guilt of having them sit there going unused day after lonely day.  Specialty paper, cardstock and designer papers left alone to fade and collect dust, their reason for purchase long forgotten.  How many paper cutters or pairs of scissors does one person really need?  I mean I have 9 pairs is that enough? Oh and that’s only the ones for paper cutting, I didn’t count the ones for sewing. I had a perfectly fine paper cutter, but a kinda famous in the craft world guy, ahem, convinced me that a different one was better.  SO I bought it and hated it.  I tried another and another, 4 paper cutters later, sitting unused while I still used the one that I’d liked all along.  Paints, brushes, pigments, chalks, pencils you name it, I needed it.  But for what?  Heck if I know!  Pearls, glitters, radiant sprays and powders drawer upon drawer, box upon box of supplies that I needed because the person on the you-tube video or at the convention booth told me I did.

Surrounded by my purchases I spent more money to find pretty ways to hide er, hold them.  “Organize!” screamed the pages on the web, the ads in the emails, the displays in the craft stores.  Boxes, bins, binders, containers, all there to make your life more organized.  Heck there is even an entire store dedicated to nothing but organization, it’s called The Container Store,  go figure..  I’d go in wandering the isles looking at the bottles, boxes and bins to hold the ribbons, buttons and brads.  Once it was all ‘organized’ it was also forgotten about, you know out of sight, out of mind.  So what happened, I ended up with 9 pairs of scissors and 200 rolls of ribbon!!!!!

One day the universe shook me really hard, like so hard I saw stars (or maybe it was the reams of paper that fell on my foot), but I saw stars.  When my clarity returned, (and the pain subsided) I turned in my passport and got off the consumerism cruise. I wager I gave away, yes gave away, 80% of the stuff that was in my craft collection.  The room feels lighter, (I’m pretty sure the house actually groaned a sigh of relief at the weight being lifted) the space bigger, the creative energy stronger!  Not once since the great purge have I looked for a single thing I gave away.  I did keep all 9 pairs of scissors because, well you never know and you know what I never did figure out what was so great about Washi tape….

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  1. Cute! Just so you are passionate about something,right. It doesn't have to be things....I still get great joy walking into my fully loaded craftroom. Paper is still hugely my thing and everything that goes with it. The thing that has helped me is on a fixed income definitely slows down the buying power and very grateful for the stuff I bought when I had lots to spend on a hobby.


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