Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WOYWW #270

What’s on my desk you ask?  Pictures, lots and lots, and lots of pictures.


And they are on BOTH desks!


Before the digital age, way back when you use to have to print your pictures to see them (ahem) I did just that and I have a lot of them that have been shoved in boxes and bins.  Obviously, no one sees them that way so I’ve begun the painfully slow process of sorting and scanning, so that I can scrapbook (digitally) and then have those pages printed out.  It’s quite a mess and undertaking and I actually thought about sending them all off in a box to have someone else do the scanning, but I have this fear that something would happen and I’d lose the pictures.  So I’ll continue to poke along and if I reach my wits end before I get done, I’ll either stop for a spell or send them off! 

So you’ve seen my mess off you go to Julia’s at The Stamping Ground to see what else is happening on the crafty desks of the world!


  1. Same problem here and I even inherited a box of printed photos from my aunt. I decided to use the project life page protectors in a binder and journal on the little cards and call it done. I am done with my aunts but will probably have 4 albums when I am completely finished. I have 3 of mine completed now. I was totally surprised by the amount of duplicates

  2. The digital age has its advantages. :-) Just be patient with your sorting. I bet you have a great time walking down memory lane while you sort. :-)
    April #54

  3. I too have boxes and crates of photos all waiting to be scanned. Often I start the project then get overwhelmed by it all and quit. My fear is something happening (tornado or fire) and I lose them all. It's a good feeling knowing someone else is in the same predicament yet working on them. Thank you for the inspiration. Diane #52


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