Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Greetings!

Holiday Greetings friends!  Christmas has come and gone again and we are closing in on the new year.  I’ve been busy finishing up my December Daily, this year was a little bit of a challenge because it was a very quiet season for us.  No company Christmas party, no Dicken’s Dinner and no anniversary event (weather prevented).  Family was here for Christmas and it’s always nice to see everyone from near and far away.


I also spent some time cleaning up the Christmas supplies, stamps and papers.  I’m ready to work on some other types of cards and crafts now. 


I’m not sure what it is that I’ll be getting into next but it might have something to do with this…


I am SO excited about this. (So are the Minions!!!)  Yes I have an original Inspiration and yes I love it but I’ve longed for a better way to do print and cut.  I’m also thinking that vinyl and stencils for wooden signs might be in my future.  My amazing husband gave this to me for my birthday which is on Christmas eve and I was really surprised!  He also got me a subscription to the Pazzles craft room which I’m looking forward to having access to.

What about you?  What new projects are you looking forward to??  What great craft gift did you get?

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  1. Happy New Year and Have fun playing with your new toy!!


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