Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What’s on Your Workdesk #291!

Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy Last WOYWW for 2014!!!
Well when you see what’s here it may leave you scratching your head a bit.  My December Daily which I’m finishing up isn’t that big of a deal.  Random supplies off to the far right, my water and such, not too shocking.  But what’s that there in the middle…are those baby bottle nipples???
Yes they are and the lady that came up with this is brilliant in my book!  I am so tired of clogged glue tops.  I prefer liquid glue to most adhesives just because for the most part they give a bit more wiggle room for adjustments.  I however have never found a good way to keep them from clogging, until now.  Below is the link to the video that will tell you all about this.  Needless to say I could not wait to get my tops turned into nipples!
Happy WOYWW and see you next year!!!
No Plug Glue Topper

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  1. Wow, that looks like a great solution with the nipples! I always give up on dried up glue tops and just twist the whole thing off to get access to the glue and use a brush or something to apply it. Will have to try this! Thanks for your visit to my blog! Happy New Year to you too! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #26

  2. oooh I will have to go poke around your blog and see if you have more December Daily stuffs posted... ( I am trying this for the first time this year and just started doing something with the photos and stuffs 3 days ago lol) I am hoping to see an update after you have the nipples on for a while if it still works ( like next week or later)
    Happy New Years! ~Stacy #60

  3. Thanks for this great tip.I watched the video, and as soon as the shops are open again, I'll be off to get some foam tape and baby bottle nipples!

  4. A great idea. Happy New Year. Anne x

  5. I stopped using zip dry, my favorite liquid glue, just because it would clog up before the bottle was finished...cannot wait to try this.

  6. As soon as you posted that video on Facebook, I went out an bought some. Works wonderfully! She is genius!


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