Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What’s On Your Workdesk #293

Well that’s a sad sight now isn’t it, not much of anything going on there.  Off to the far right two cards that have images that need to be colored.  Two completed cards from scraps, my portable hard drive and a piece of another card started.  It’s a lot of blah but that’s my desk as of today. 
My 13 year old dog, Zoe hasn’t been all too perky and so I’ve spent a lot of time in the lower level of the house keeping a watchful eye on her.  Today however she decided to head up with me…
Up onto the futon she climbed and promptly started to doze off.  At least she is here and I can multitask watching her and doing something creative for a bit!
So off you go to find something exciting over at the Stamping Ground!


  1. Oh well, I wouldn't say sad, maybe well organized. Zoe looks very comfortable on the futon. 13 years is quite a high age for a big dog. Is she a Ridgeback?
    Gabriele 32

  2. Sure you will get back into your projects soon enough ! Just start to play ! Great that you can craft with your faithful friend along side you ! Ali#20

  3. I am driven to working downstairs at the moment, partly due to the fact that my two dogs cannot get into my craft room with me at the moment and they hate being shut downstairs on their own. Glad Zoe felt bright enough to join you upstairs. Have a good week. xx Maggie #27

  4. ooh YAY its always a good day when a furbaby that hasn't felt like climbing stairs decided to join you :) that really surprises me that you put your uncolored images on cards before coloring them... I tend to color things in stacks and then make them into cards haha. ( I am too klutzy some times) ~Stacy #85

    1. The images aren't attached, they are just laying on the cards so I keep them straight! I can't do a lot of the same images at a time I get bored :)

  5. You look very tidy and organised. Hope you can get crafting soon and that your dog is OK. Anne x #37

  6. Hope the gorgeous Zoe is feeling better. 78


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