Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas Creations on Parade..

Leading today’s Christmas line up, let’s hear it for the negatives!  Now this is the first time I’ve really tried to incorporate the negatives from my die cutting, I hate wasting stuff but I’ve really never known how to use them.  Well, this year I’m working through that.


Next up are the reds, I love traditional reds and greens for Christmas, just something so homey about them I guess.  Both these cards are totally cased from Pinterest, I loved the simplicity of them both and I liked the idea of a sentiment being the feature on a card front.


Next welcome the browns to this years parade!  Now this was a stretch for me but I loved this card I saw on Pinterest, so much that I had to make it, especially since I already had the mittens die!  It’s the one on the right, Tis the Season, it’s just so cute!


Finally in todays parade line up the blues!  I’ve had this ribbon in my collection for a really long time and every year I look at it and say I need to do something with that.  I never do though, I think it’s too big, it’s too shiny, it’s too something.  I buckled down and used it this year and I like it.  I made three cards using it, the other is one of the negatives.  The card in the middle is sporting a fabric snowflake that I’ve been holding on to for a while.  I get these really cool things and then look at them trying to remember what I bought it for.


These aren’t all the cards I’m making, they are just the ones I’ve made in the last few days.  I have so many more to do!

Off to get inky!

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