Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday Style #9

Some things just do not turn out like the vision and so I must shake my head, laugh it off and keep going…

Case in point


Todays class was about the soft and subtle, it was about watercolors.  I love the background and I had this grand vision for the wreath to be all dreamy and watercolor-ey but that just didn’t happen, actually I’m not sure what happened lol!  Alas, it is my submission for today and I’m chalking this one up to an ‘it almost made it’.

If I get my gumption back maybe I will have a go at it tomorrow..doubtful, but maybe Winking smile


Happy water coloring lol!


  1. Well, if this card missed the mark, I'd totally love to see the one you had envisioned! I think the card is beautiful the way it is. Nice miss! :o)

  2. Love how you used snowflakes!!! Very pretty!


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