Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Style Class #5

Cute, fun, whimsical was todays theme and I have loads of stamps that fall into the category!  The hardest part was deciding what stamp to use! 

This is an old, I’m talking like 15 years or more stamp, I got it from Wood Cellar Graphics when I first started stamping!  I love Moose, I think that love came from watching Captain Kangaroo, remember Mr. Moose??? 


So in addition to cutting him out, I also cut and raised out his bow tie.  I added some Sakura clear glitter pen to his tongue to make it look nice and wet!  Doesn’t it just make you want to kiss him!  Haha!!

I have to admit that I’m having so much fun with these classes this year!  It’s a nice quiet Friday so I’m off to create some more!


Happy creating!


  1. Love it and Love You! Now, I guess I should go to class and see what today's lesson contained.

  2. Cute! He sure does look like a kissable moose! ;)

  3. He's adorable! Who wouldn't want to kiss that cute little fella?


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