Saturday, November 14, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Probably my least favorite Christmas song ever, but it’s a fitting title to my post today.  It’s a windy and quiet Saturday and I want to be making Christmas cards but I seem to have hit a brick wall of sorts.  So instead I decided to tell you about some of the products that I can’t create without.  Now, I’m not selling anything, I’m not linking to where to buy, these are just my humble opinion and they are actually things I’ve been using a really long time!

In the adhesive category I have several top picks starting with Scor-Tape.


I have this stuff in every size they make because when it comes to holding power this stuff has it in spades.  The other thing I love is that you don’t need scissors to cut it, simply rip what you need off.  The only thing I don’t like about it, once it touches the surface you are adhering it to it’s stuck, there is no time for wiggle!

My absolute favorite glue is Art Institute Designer Dries Clear.


I think I’ve been using this glue for almost as long as I’ve been making cards.  It holds great, it dries clear so if you do get some on a spot you never see it.  It also holds glitter and microbeads amazingly well and of course since it’s a liquid adhesive you get that wiggle time for getting things positioned just so.

Next up are my go to tools, starting with the QuickStik.  This is a neat little tool it’s got a flat end that pops out to become a pointy end and it’s got a gummy adhesive in the tip that is so good for picking up little things.  I like the flat tip for popping adhesive backed embellishment off with trouble and the pointy end is good for getting that paper off the back of pop dots.


I’ll confess that using and reading a ruler did not come first nature to me.  As a matter of fact it took me a little while to really stop eyeballing everything and to use a ruler.  However this one by Tim Holtz is my go to all the time!  It’s a regular ruler, it’s a centering ruler, it has a metal edge so you can use it for cutting too.  The numbers and lines are large enough to actually read and it has holes along the edge for paper piercing! 


Finally I give you my beaten and well love paper trimmer.


I have been through a multitude of paper trimmers, Carl, Tonic, Purple Cow, etc. I however never had any luck with keeping the cuts straight or even something as simple as lining up the measurements correctly.  I got this one when I was working for The Angel Company and I fell in love!  The arm extends to give me a 16” measurement, it cuts straight always, the track that the blade runs on doesn’t bow out, which is a big deal to me.  The blades last a decent amount of time and aren’t overly expensive to replace.  I know there are newer and supposedly better cutters on the market but this one has stood the test of time for me.

Okay so there you have it, a few of my favorite things, now hopefully I’ve cleared the creative block and can use some of them to make some Christmas cards!  Wish me luck!

Happy creating!

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