Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WOYWW #335

Well here I am, life has regained a little bit of normal for me since last we met.  I mean I only missed 39 Wednesdays.. I am so far behind on everything that I believe I can see my own tail lights!!   Now hopefully Julia won’t mind me popping back in to desk hop.  Go check her out at the Stamping Ground and look at some other wonderful desk!


Here is an overview of the work desk, the morning sun streaming in on this ridiculously warm fall day. The leaves are falling so fast today that you can actually hear them, much like rain!  Refocusing on the desk I’ve got the makings of my December Daily, a few random things that need to be put away and a few things that are about to be put to good use.   I was reminded of a tip for making custom stamp pads using cut and dry foam so I’m thinking I might do that for some of my Christmas cards this year.  Alas I did NOT get started in July.   There are a pair of readers there for my detail work and a nifty little cloth bag that I’m going to use for something under those.  A big roll of bakers twine as I’m making my own Christmas gift tags again this year with my Vue and some stamps.  Yet something else I need to get going on!


These are a collection of numbers that I cut out with my Vue to use in my December Daily this year.  I decided to make my own number pages.  That little thing in the corner is a USB powered essential oil diffuser in case you wondered. 


I got some frosted sheets for snowflakes and things like that for cards or my December Daily and under that are my page protectors.  I’m hoping to get all my foundation pages done. TODAY!


On the far end are these two paw print ornament kits.  Yes I know there are tons of directions for making them DIY style on Pinterest, but honestly it was just easier to buy the kits.  Now hopefully I can get my two monkey’s to allow me to stamp there paws in the stuff, well actually the bigger hope is that there is enough stuff for their big paws!



Oh and incase you wondered what happened to my crafting time, this 8 month old giant puppy has kept me very, very busy!  Happy desk hopping!


  1. I love seeing the furbabies mug shots and let us know if there was enough stuff to take the prints as that is what we have is a lab. Ooh I am so impressed you have started your album for december daily. ( I bought things does that count?) lol I need to get them opened and see what is in them. This is my second year of trying that one so, I am hoping to have more of a plan this year. :) love the light shot too. ~Stacy #46

  2. Have fun with the December project!

    Greetings, Sofie #11

  3. It's lovely to see your sun strewn desk! IQts unseasonably nice here too, making the Christmas thing all the hardeR, frankly. I love your DD numbers and plans for the frosted material too, you're really on it! As for the paw prints....totally with you on buying the Kits..Pinterest is just for the idea, right!! And iVe gotta say..USB fragrance that the gift for the gal that has everything?!!!

  4. don't think of it as being so far behind, but ratger as starting or restarting as might be the case. butterfliecrafter#12

  5. What beautiufl dogs. I too want to take paw prints off my dog Baxter. Loving the sun basked desk. Take care Zo xx 32


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