Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It’s time for some changes..

Recently I’ve been unable to do much of anything, so I’ve been looking at a lot of stuff on Pinterest.  That’s a good thing and well a not so good lol.  Lots of inspiration for creating stuff, but at the same time lots of informaiton on organizing stuff too!
Now I love my workdesk!  It has made finding things so easy and so many things are right where I can see them and that is a wonderful thing.  There are some things that I’m finding need to be changed.  The bottom section is reserved for Christmas stuff, that includes stamps, December Daily supplies, embossing folders etc.  These are things that I don’t need year round, so they are safely stored there, only..I’ve got a big art bin full of embellishments and ribbons that are also Christmas that are not down here and I really want all that stuff together.  So something there has to change.
On the right hand side in the cabinet are my stamps.  They are on white ez mount boards and are indexed and inside page protectors.  They are sorted by category (yes I broke up sets) the trouble is two fold, some of the drawers are now full and I’m tired of having to dig through the drawer to find the stamps I want to use.  I’m considering ditching the fabric drawers and doing something like this on those shelves. That way I would be able to just slide the box out and flip through..
My second issue is my paper.  As you can see the middle section and a large portion of the left is full of paper, I love paper!  The paper is sorted by color into extra large page protectors, well part of it is.  The rest isn’t and this is something else that needs to change.  So I’m thinking of doing something like this.
I have tried Cropper Hopper holders and regular magazine boxes but didn’t like them anymore than I like the fabric thing my paper is in now.  I love the open front on these but I found some that I like even better I think.
Now onto the doors have a fabric on them that velcro works on and that is great.  The problem is the little pockets that came with it don’t hold much weight at all.  I added additional velcro first in the dot form, then in strip but neither stuck well to the plastic and really I have no intentions of sewing it on. 
They are now selling a door kit that replaces that and adds shelves and racks, I either want that or to build something similar.  I had already been thinking about putting a magentic bar to hold scissors and other metal tools because that pouch falls off a lot.
I’m not keen on the ribbon or punch bars but I like the hooks and shelves a lot!
What you are looking at here is the end of my desk and the space that I’m thinking of putting a wheeled and drawered cart to put my Pazzles on with all it’s supplies.  Currently it resides on the desk of my workdesk and is tucked into the back when not in use. Problem is when it is in use I can’t use the workdesk for anything as it takes up a lot of, well all of the room.  So I saw this cart and after measuring found that it would tuck nicely right here at the end and I could just turn it when I wanted to use it.  Plus all those drawers means I can get all the Pazzles stuff into one place because currently it’s in at least 3!
So there you have it, my dreamy upgrades to my crafty space.  If I can just figure out what to do with the Christmas stuff… Hmmm
Keep crafting

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