Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What’s on Your Workdesk #348

Oh to get back in the craft room, how much I have missed it and long to return!  I have for the past several months now been having some seriously intense back pains.  I haven’t gotten a solid reason for them yet, but have gotten some relief and am hoping for more by weeks end.  Thus, my time is spent not on the second floor enjoying my tranquil space, but on the first floor in my sunroom, resting.  Which to be honest about, I really am quite tired of doing.
I snuck upstairs today to behold the mess that has become of my space, with hopes that the pain would subside for a bit so that I could put some stuff away. It didn’t happen.
Here sits my sad desk.  Christmas gifts that I received are here and there on the desk; a Stamper’s Secret Weapon, some inks, a new glue pad, a huge bottle of my favorite Designer Dries Clear Glue. Also my Clip It Up now denuded of Christmas stuff and currently holding stencils and stamp sets that have die sets with them.  My poor December Daily sits at the far end undone.  I think I got maybe four days into December before all the health issues started.  So sad.
Relocated bears and kitties, safe from Tucker’s playful grasp.  This is not where they belong but for now they stand guard over the project I had been working on which was taking my metal dies out of the binder they were in and putting them on chipboard (a.k.a. cereal boxes) using the adhesive backed magnetic sheets they were already mounted to and placing them into Really Useful Boxes.  The binder was too heavy and took up too much space when opened.  I’m going to make tabbed dividers for them and sort them by category.
Well that’s it, now off you go to see Julia at The Stamping Ground and all the amazing things people are working on.  Since I’ve got loads of resting time, I’ll be hopping around today looking at what everyone else is up to!
Craft on!


  1. your desk looks so tidy, and don't feel too bad about december daily as far as I got was to buy stuffs... ( I have not even printed any photos yet) :) ~Stacy #56

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you have been in so much pain with your back. I do hope it get's sorted out soon and you are free of pain and able to get back to enjoying some crafting. Barbx #45

  3. I'm so sorry your back is causing you pain. I hope it heals soon and you can be back in your craft room creating!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #44

  4. I have been praying for your total recovery since your mentioned it on FB. Sad the docs have no answers. Question.... what is a stamper's secret weapon? Got my curiosity going! Hope you get to feeling better soon!
    Carol N #41

  5. Yeah, you and I don't have the same definition of mess! I feel your pain, having to rest is, in the end, tedious.I hope you get answers soon too, it helps. Meanwhile, don't will all wait for you.

  6. Love the arrangement of all you colored pencils.


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