Monday, March 7, 2016

Reclaiming my space, nearing completion..

It has taken me longer than normal to get my crafting area back to where it makes me happy.  It was really a mess and since I’m moving slower than normal these days, that delayed the progress as well. 


Here you can see that I’ve gotten all my stamps, sans Christmas and winter transferred over to the laminated cardstock and Avery Elle pocket style of storage.  I purchased laminating pouches, a Scotch laminator and some 110# cardstock to make this project a reality.  The dividers are made of light weight cardstock cut to size and laminated for extra strength.  Christmas and winter are next and will be housed in their own bin.  Sadly my laminator died prior to completion so it’s looking like the Close to My Heart sets will end up on Duralar sheets in the Avery pouches.  The laminator was $20 and only had a 30 day warranty.  I would not recommend the Scotch laminator to anyone!


Remember I said those pouches had to go, well they are gone!  I was sitting at the table and was looking at them and trying to figure out something different to do that wasn't expensive. I was looking at those small plastic containers and realized that if I found something that was less than 2” tall it would fit.  I searched Amazon for a while before coming across a few different options.  The first were the longer pencil boxes, those worked great for my brushes and other items that had a little length to them.  Then I found the Iris photo boxes, they come in sets of 10 two sizes 4x6 and 5x7 they are absolutely perfect!  I got some hook only Velcro dots and attached to the bottom of the boxes and viola’ I’m a happy and organized girl!


Look at all that extra space I gained by mounting that monitor, I knew that was a good idea!


This is not the final paper arrangement, for anything other than my Bazzill., it’s out of those holders and exposed for me to see.  The rest is just my printed paper packs that I need figure out how I want to sort them to make sure I’m actually using them.  That’s always been my biggest problem with any of my supplies and even stamps, out of sight, out of mind.  Right now they are all in plain sight that is for sure.  Paper has always been that one supply for me that is a challenge to organize, I have tried so many different ways and still not found one that I love.  I’m hoping that now with all the precut card layers (you can see them in the bin on the right) it will be easier to use. The printed papers remain a mystery for me, for now.

If you have any suggestions on good ways to store patterned papers, I’m all ears.  Please let me know how you store yours in the comments, I really need some ideas on that stuff!

Happy creating..

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