Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What is on your workdesk this Wednesday #352

Here we are again, peeking in on people crafty spaces and desky happenings.  If you still have no clue as to what I’m talking about go over and visit Julia our ring leader at The Stamping Ground.


Here is my actual desk basking in the morning sunlight.  Not a lot going on, in a crafty sort of way, but loads going on in the getting it put away sort of way. If you’ve been checking in you know that I was out of commission for a while and my space became a bit of a dumping ground that I had to clean and tidy up.  Now, off to the far right, my Really Useful Box full of scraps I need to sort.  My new laminator on top of that. My newly mounted on the wall monitor that takes up desk space no more.  My copic binder and Prismacolor chart and look those crazy birds are still hanging around from last week. The middle is a collection of storage bags that I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with. The bin behind is holding a collection of polymer stamps that need indexing and my crazy talk stamp set waiting to be put away.  Just to the left there a container of large scissors and another empty one.  They had tissues in them and I think that they must be able to be repurposed for something!

I have partners in crime today


First up is my Ally who loves all boxes and bins especially ones in the sunlight.


My very large puppies.  Cooper the Blue Harlequin is 2 years old, Tucker the solid Blue is almost a year old.  They make for great company and entertainment all the day long.

Well that’s it for today. off you go to explore the world of crafty places and spaces..


  1. You have such lovely company in your craft room today. I'm not talking about just the four legged furries but the lovely sunshine as well. Everything is looking good with places to play and things mostly tucked away. PJ #47

  2. Your co workers look adorable :) and I love that you get real light into your space so much. ~Stacy #53

  3. Awwww what lovely company. You look really organised too and the monitor is a great idea.

  4. What fun companions! Looks like Cooper has recovered and am praying you are getting better and better. Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #40

  5. Loved seeing your massive collection of pens; you are so lucky.
    You must do something with those crazy birds or the sun might bleach them ;-)
    Sharon #56

  6. LOL. I like the picture of your cat! Mine doesn't tend to jump up on things (unless it's my lap and then he's up and down like a yo-yo). He does like the sunlight though and usually (if there is sun) he finds the spot and lays in it.

    I love all your markers on your desk. Such a lot of them!

    Sharon K #42

  7. Your space is great and your animals are adorable. Of course I'm partial to cats. 😉
    Diane WOYWW #31

  8. Great to see your lovely sunny workspace, and your adorable companions. Your two dogs look like they are just waiting to get up to some mischief ;) Happy WOYWW, Judith xx #32

  9. Awwww what adorable partners. I just want to pet and play with them. I feel your pain on the dumping ground to a creative space again journey. Hang in there. Creative Blessings! Kelly #49


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