Friday, June 17, 2016

Something new

Besides walls, I’ve never really painted anything.  I dabbled a few times when Donna Dewberry was all the rage, attempting to make various home decor pieces.  I just never felt that confident in what I created. 

The last trip to our favorite island found some changes, they had redecorated the rooms, the dark heavy wood walls had been painted white, new drapes billowed in the Caribbean breezes and there was a piece of art work over the bed that I fell in love with. It was a mixed media sort of piece, an impressionist style painting with sand, shells, sea glass and bits of broken mirror all along the bottom. I loved it and wanted so much to recreate something similar, but my self doubt in painting skills continually caused me to push it to the back.

Recently, for various reasons I’ve been dabbling in all kinds of crafty endevors.  Things that I wouldn’t have done, tools I wouldn’t have used, products I’ve only read about have landed on my desk.  I finally set aside my self doubt and set out to create my first impressionist style piece of art!


I like it, I don’t love it though.  The colors aren’t quite where they need to be for the sea and the sky.  The wave area may also be a little too wide, though in the real life version hints of aqua can be seen.  If you’ve never seen the waters of the Caribbean they are something so hard to describe, dark blue in places where the corals are, but a crystal green where the white sand reflects the sun and an even darker blue in the places where the thick sea grass grows.  The way the ocean and the sky meet is more of a gentle fade, a melting into each other almost.

This is my first try, so I didn’t expect perfection, not that I ever do really, that isn’t my style.  I won’t put the sand and seashells on this one, but I will hang it in my crafting space and look at it often.  It’s really quite calming!


  1. Looks great to me! It's so much fun to branch out in all crafty directions! And the process is where my satisfaction lies,whether or not it shows up in the results....

  2. What a fun piece of Peace for your creative space! I love handmade art that triggers good memories!!


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