Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How much do you really need?

At what point will you stop buying stuff?  At what point do you stop, look around and think gee, I’ve got all this stuff but don’t use over half of it, I should give it away?

For me several years ago I read something that stopped me in my tracks.  Paraphrasing here, but basically it followed the lines that you have all this stuff and you keep buying containers to organize the stuff, but you spend more time organizing the stuff than using it!   So you store it, forget you have it and buy more stuff. 

I confess I was a container junkie.  Boxes, bins, baskets and totes galore.  We had installed shelves on almost every wall in my craft room and we installed cabinets and counter space in the closet to store, my stuff.  When I realized what I had been doing I stopped cold.  I tore my craft room apart that day.  Pulling down all the storage stuff and getting rid of a lot.  The shelves came down to and it felt like a weight was lifted. 

A seed was planted that day, one that would continue to grow and every so often a new leaf would burst out and I’d get the urge to purge, again.  Soon, I was purging from every room in my home, not just my craft room.  Each time stuff went out I felt better, lighter and less cluttered.

Here I am again, purging the craft supplies.  It is truly amazing how much stuff I still have, how much I don’t use.  It isn’t easy to purge, because that ‘what if’ hangs around all the time.  Thing is, I know what I make, what I won’t ever do and what products I love to use.  There is no reason to keep anything beyond those items. 

I can honestly say, I want less stuff.  I only want to keep stuff that I love, that I enjoying using.  That feeling applies to everything in my home, not just craft stuff.

Happy purging…

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