Monday, March 26, 2018

Back to Creating, a little.

A person would think that as much as I have enjoyed stamping and creating over the years, that I wouldn’t let anything derail me from it.  Anything, that brings you joy should be kept foremost in your life.  Truth be told, life has been challenging me and my ability to pull myself back up when I get knocked down.  For a bit, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever stop feeling down.

I have a beautiful, incredibly talented niece to thank for helping pull me back to the land of creating (and shopping for that matter).  So to her I say thank you, you have no idea how much you brighten my life or what an awesome inspiration you are to me!

That beautiful niece I am speaking of celebrated her 24th birthday this month, she and my mom both share March birthdays and so, I had to make them cards.  Yes ‘had to’.

My mom and I have always shared a love of dandelions.  I love them, I love the bright yellow flowers and I love making wishes with the puff balls.  I’ve been doing so since I was a toddler.  So for her card, what was more appropriate that dandelions?


Now my niece has recently started a serious obsession with stamping.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and if you can remember being a new stamper yourself, you know how you want everything!  She is particularly fond of Tim Holtz and all his products,  so for gifts she received many, many Tim Holtz items including stamp sets, stencils and more.  I dare say the one that really got her, a stamp set that my mom got for her that had been autographed by Tim!  She flipped over that.  Leave it to Grandma to make your birthday!!!  For my nieces card what better than those Crazy Birds!


I saw a similar card online and loved the inked embossing folder.  Let me tell you, that is harder to do than one might think!  It took me multiple (try 9!) tries to get the folder ink and embossed without it looking blurry.  I can only guess that the paper was shifting in the Big Shot.  I didn’t really love this one, but it was the best of the 9 and I wasn’t going for 10. 

So here I go, stepping back into the creative world and saying thank you to my niece for getting me here.

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  1. Aw omg this makes me so happy! It's like reading your journal or something. So cool. PS my birthday card was f*cking awesome ok I love it


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