Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Making some changes

For the last few years my craft desk has been in front of the two windows in my room.   The natural light was wonderful, but the sun, could be down right brutal when I was attempting to do anything in the morning hours.  After much pondering I decided to move my desk, but I didn’t want an entire reconfiguration of the room, so it ended up back on it’s original wall, but now the craft cabinet is next to it.


So it looks like this now.

I’ve been using the Jennifer McGuire method of stamp storage for a while now and I really like almost everything about it.  The only issue I have is that my craft cabinet, where I’ve been keeping my boxes of stamps, is not quite deep enough to hold them and let me shut the doors.  (Yes, I like to shut the doors to keep the cats out and when I’m cleaning up the room.)  So, I’m now trying some different sized bins to put my stamps in. 

On the far right of my desk you can see my newly arranged dies.  I don’t have a lot, just one bin worth, but I spent some time making dividers and sorting them by themes, hopefully it will make it easier for me to find what I’m looking for.

My last ‘new’ thing is the Distress binder I’m creating.  I have quite the collection of Distress products and in an attempt to not duplicate things, I’ve made up a binder.  I’ve printed out the swatch sheets from Ranger Ink.  In addition to keeping track of the colors I have from various lines, I’m also going to be putting all my blending pads in there.  I made a chart and put that in a page protector.  I ordered hook only dots that I’m going to attach to the page protector and each color will get its own pad.  I have both the round and rectangle blending pads, I haven’t decided if I’ll do the same for the rectangle pads or not.


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