Thursday, April 5, 2018

Alcohol Ink Painting

I am not someone that has ever been good at drawing.  I’ve never really tried to paint pictures either, I did one sort of abstract ocean thing but that’s been the extent of my painting.  I was interested when I heard people were painting with alcohol inks, even more so after I played with them on Yupo paper.  The movement of the inks without even adding blending solution was fascinating all on it’s own.  I decided that I wanted to try to paint something, I had no idea what I just picked some colors and started moving the inks around with a paint brush.


I will readily admit that when I finished I just sort of sat open mouthed looking at it.  Certainly, I had not done that.  Not me.  Not the person who can’t draw a stick figure!  There is no way that I managed to create a big beautiful flower like that.   Yet, there it was.  I was, am still amazed at myself.  It was the first time I ever tried anything like that, ever!

The second one I made was meant to be a background.


The funny thing is, as I worked on it I realized that I’d managed to create a caterpillar at the bottome and for some reason my mind kept thinking that’s what it looks like inside a chrysalis! Colors and changes and swirls coming together to create a beautiful butterfly.  Maybe I’m just seeing things from smelling the alcohol inks!  I just keep looking at these creations and shaking my head in disbelief because, I did that!

If you haven’t played with your alcohol inks in a long time (like me!) the Yupo paper is something that you need.  It is so different from anything I’ve ever used before.  I love it!


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