Thursday, May 31, 2018

Orgainizing stamps, dies, and embossing folders

Recently, my mom asked about how I store my stamps, dies, and embossing folders. So today I'm sharing some photos and information on my system.

I'll start with my stamps.  I use these bins from Amazon.
I prefer these over the double ones for two reasons, the first is they are lighter, when you fill those double bins with stamps, they get heavy.  Second, they are smaller and fit better on the shelves that I have my stamps on.  I bought an inexpensive laminator and a pack of laminating folders (also from Amazon).  I used cardstock to make dividers, nothing fancy.  I used my label maker to make labels for the dividers and also for the fronts of the bins.  I have tried and used various pockets for the stamps, I think the Avery Elle brand is what I have used the most of.  Originally in each pocket, I was putting a laminated piece of cardstock and attaching my stamps to that.  I, however, decided that I didn't really need to do that and have been leaving the stamps on the plastic they come mounted to when I buy them.  If it's a smaller set I do add cardstock to the pocket just for stability. 

Next up, my embossing folders.  I use the Really Useful Boxes which I reviewed a long time ago here.    The boxes are the 3-liter size and they hold a lot of embossing folders.  Even the new 3D folders and the tall ones from Apple Blossom fit.  The boxes are stackable and easy to open. 

 Finally, for my dies, I use the Linus Pullz bins.  It's wide enough to hold the pockets from Simon Says Stamp.  I made inserts out of inexpensive cardstock, but you can buy them from Simon.  I did the same for my dies as I did my stamps, dividers made with cardstock and laminated.  The dies are organized by theme, the tallest dies are stored in the very back, in Avery Elle pockets. 

So there you have it.  I've been through a lot of differnt storage systems but these are the only ones that I've stuck with.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. It's clearer when I can see it and not just try in my imagination to visualize what you are saying. I have a few of those "useful" boxes myself, so I will try your ideas.


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