Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Started a rainy Sunday reorgainzation.

It is time for a change so on Sunday I started to reorganize my creating space(s).  I know that on my desk and as close as possible, I'd like the stuff that I use most often.  This idea had me asking my dear husband to reinstall some Elfa shelves from a few years ago.  No boxes this time!
 This is where I ended up on Sunday evening.  My unmounted stamps are on the second shelf, all my coloring and inky goodies are close at hand.  I do not like the ink pads under the shelf sitting on the desk, they need a new home.   

Thing is, that's only half the battle!
 My Craft Box.  Sigh.  I have a love-hate relationship with this thing.  I love having the extra table, I love having the storage on the doors, I love having a place for paper.  I hate having to crawl on the floor to get to the stuff in the bottom, I hate the plastic pins used for the shelves.  The holes are not all the same size so some pins are so tight you need pliers to move them, others are so loose they spin when you try to put the shelf in.  I hate that I don't have a light over the table.

Well, it's Tuesday and here is where I am after 2 days of working on the box!
 I didn't change anything on the doors or the bottom (again with the crawling!).  I did spend some time moving some of the shelves and organizing my paper.  I sorted my paper by color and I even took apart all my paper pads and put them in there too.  Who knows, maybe now I'll actually use them when I reach for a color of paper.  In there middle are stackable boxes from Mdesign that I put my Christmas stuff in, they are clear and labeled!  My Christmas papers are on the first two shelves on the left.  Not sure what I'm putting on the others or how they will be arranged yet.  

I moved all my December Daily stuff to my cart, as well as my ribbons, Creative Chemistry supplies, adhesives and watercoloring supplies.  There are 2 drawers that stuff is just in right now, but I'm thinking all my stencils, stencil pastes and tools will end up in one of them. 

Finally, I have found the counter in the closet!
Those pesky ink pads are in there, but won't be staying!  I want the counter cleared off even more so that when I'm die cutting I'm not restricted like I have been.   It's hard to use your Big Shot when it keeps bumping into stuff as you roll it through. 

So that's it for now.  I'm itching to get making again!!!

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