Saturday, September 1, 2018

Change is a good thing

I'm almost all back.  Almost.

Recently, depression took hold of me after a falling out with my beloved niece and chronic medical issues.  Side effects of medication caused issues with my feet and hands and walking and creating became something I could not do.  My amazing husband decided that if going up and down the stairs to my craft space was too much, he would create a new craft space for me in my favorite room of our home, our all seasons room.

Seven windows and 4 skylights grace this incredibly bright and wonderful space.  I have views of my gardens and pond (as well as all the weeds that need to be tended lol!)  The room has the door the dogs go in and out of which puts me closer and means less bell ringing by Tucker. (ah!)  Currently, there is still a piece of furniture that I'm trying to rehome, but the room has become my favorite place to be.  I have a sofa and the coffee table my grandfather made from the window of a B-52 bomber!  I grew up playing under that table and it means the world to me to have it.

In addition, I now have a tv and an electric fireplace!
That's my cozy side of the room, the other side is all business.

A new electronics workspace.  No longer does my computer and gadgetry interfere with my creative space.  This isn't quite finished as I'm waiting on a single Alex unit to go under the monitor and then we will figure out some sort of shelving on the wall above.  Mainly for display purposes.

The crown jewel is my new workdesk and the bench seating around the windows, which, actually houses some wonderful big drawers!

The new desk is roughly five foot by four foot and gives me tons of space to spread out.  I have four of the Alex drawer units which basically hold everything but my stamps, dies, embossing folders and papers.  All of those items are in the drawers and we will be adding a couple of extra drawers units inside to maximize the space.  The only thing that I haven't gotten down here yet are my wood mounted stamps, I think one of the large Alex units will hold all of them as I've downsized my collection over the years.  

I've spent the last week organizing and arranging things so haven't really had the chance to create anything.  I hope to be able to do that soon, now that I have a bright new space!  The other upside is that my husband can watch tv while I craft allowing us to be in the same room and I love that! He joked that he was so awesome because I also have an annex to hold the stuff that wouldn't fit down here.  Mainly genealogy paperwork, paints, and canvases. I told him, he was right he is amazing!


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